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Delta Capacity
Capacity When You Need It.

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About Us

Delta Capacity, a Swiss-based developer and operator,  provides market leading solutions to balancing and capacity markets centered on cutting edge battery energy storage technologies.


We are dedicated to contributing to green energy transition in Scandinavia, Central and Southern Europe. With a team of experts in energy storage technology and a strong commitment to sustainability, Delta Capacity is poised for growth in the rapidly evolving energy market.


We have secured significant funding for a successful development of

a high-quality portfolio of utility-scale battery energy storage projects

with the vision of becoming a large player in the  European green

energy market.


Our Services

Delta Capacity provides a full range of services that large-scale battery energy storage systems are uniquely designed for. Our 1-hour to 4-hour systems help grid operators, distributors and customers to optimize and balance capacity and peak shifting solutions.


Frequency Regulation 

Ensures the balance of electricity supply and demand at all times. Delta Capacity’s solutions provide capacity over time frames from seconds to minutes.


The Balancing Market

The battery energy storage systems are perseverant reserves, the fastest of which are frequency containment reserves (FCR), while frequency restoration reserves (FRR) have a longer...


Load Shifting

The process of shifting energy use from high-demand periods, also known as "peak hours," to low-demand periods, also known as "off-peak hours."

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers and communities to transition to a more sustainable energy future by providing innovative energy storage solutions that optimize the integration of renewable energy sources and enhance grid stability.


Our team is constantly exploring new technologies and solutions to help meet the growing demand for energy storage in the region.

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