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Energy as a Service

Electrification Made Easy

Need to electrify your construction site or event? We offer an end-to-end service covering all of your energy needs.


Our Concept

Delta Capacity provides energy storage and charging solutions to meet your energy needs. Every project is unique, so we help you plan and calculate an optimum solution that reduces equipment charge times and minimises operating expenses.

How It Works

1.  Site Planning

We​ help you calculate the power & energy needs of your project.

2.  Transport, Delivery, & Training

We provide delivery, connection, and on-site training to ensure everything goes smoothly!

3.  Operation and Support

We ensure operational reliability, with 24/7 monitoring and a dedicated project manager.

4.  Optimisation & Reporting

We help you optimise your energy usage, and provide regular reports detailing your CO2 savings to help you meet your climate goals!

Charging Solutions

Fast charging your equipment is the key to a productive site, and a successful project. We offer a wide range of solutions that enable fast charging anywhere, anytime, even for the largest electric construction equipment on the market! 

Get in Touch

And we'll help you get your electrified project off the ground!

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